What is a View?

A property or management profile accessed for viewing.

Where can I expect to see most of my usage?

You can expect to see most of your usage generated for properties you or your clients access. Search Results also account for a significant portion of the Views.

What about Search Results on Grid?

Search results on grid count are capped at 50 Views per page. This means that if your results page contains 100 results only  50 Views are counted.  If there are less than 50 items on the page then the lesser number is taken. For example, if 10 result items are shown on grid then 10 Views are counted.  If 125 results are shown on grid then only 50 Views are counted.

Where can I track my Usage?

Your account dashboard has a detailed breakdown of your usage, by day and type of View (search results,  properties your clients opened, etc).