What is a View?

A property or management profile accessed for viewing.

If I open a property 10 times, does it count as 10 Views?

Yes. Every time you or your clients open a property 1 View is counted.

Where can I expect to see most of my usage?

You can expect to see most of your usage generated for properties you or your clients access. Search Results also account for a significant portion of the Views.

How is my usage billed?

Your usage is billed in increments of $10.  From zero to 250 Views you will be charged $10. From 251 to 500 Views, you will be charged an additional $10. Views are rounded up, so 576 Views will be charged at a total of $30 ($20 for the first 500 Views, $10 for 76 Views thereafter)

What about Search Results on Grid?

Search results on grid count are capped at 50 Views per page. This means that if your results page contains 100 results only  50 Views are counted.  If there are less than 50 items on the page then the lesser number is taken. For example, if 10 result items are shown on grid then 10 Views are counted.  If 125 results are shown on grid then only 50 Views are counted.

Is there a cap to how much I will pay on the Pay as you Go Plan?

Yes, the Pay as you Go Plan is limited to 1,000 views or $40/month. No worries, if you need more you'll be prompted to upgrade to the Unlimited  Plan. You can use it as much as you want and it has a bunch of cool features we know you'll love.

What are the benefits of using the Unlimited Plan vs Pay as you Go?

The Unlimited Plan comes with an extensive list of features such as Driving Directions, Lease Verifications, Invoicing, Mobile App, Tagging, Lead Generator and many other tools to help maximize your commissions and payment turnaround time. You may also elect for an annual billing at a deep discount on this plan.

Remember, chances are that the first commission you earn with Smart will likely pay for several years of the service so pick a plan you're most comfortable with.

Can I upgrade to the Unlimited plan?

Yes. In fact, Pay as you Go plan was designed for light usage with this upgrade in mind. Once you begin doing more, the Unlimited Plan is ideal. Especially with an annual payment discount.

Can I downgrade to the Pay as you Go plan?

Yes, provided you have not been a subscriber in the previous six months (i.e. new sign up or returning customer after six months)

Can you give me an example of a usage pattern?

You run 5 property searches generating 30 results on each page each time.
Views: 150 (30 Property Views on grid capped at 30   x  5 property searches)

You email your client two property reports each containing 22 properties.
Views: zero

Your client opens the property reports for the first times to view 18 of the 22 properties.
Views:  18

Your client returns to the report 2 more times to view all properties.
Views: 44  (22 properties x 2)

Your client emails you feedback on these properties,
Views: zero

You receive and open the client feedback and browse 19 of the 22 properties.
Views:  19  

Total Views: 220. Charge $10.

Where can I track my Usage?

Your account dashboard has a detailed breakdown of your usage, by day and type of View (search results,  properties your clients opened, etc).