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Smart's modern platform provides you actionable, high-quality data to make informed decisions.

Smart makes it easy to obtain the valuable knowledge your business needs and capitalize on it.

Complete national coverage across all 50 states in 180 markets. Current and historical data for Properties, Management Companies, Developers, Pipeline, Personnel and more.
"Smart is invaluable when assessing market changes at a fast pace"
Laura Beynon
Senior Regional Manager
Professional, highly trained researchers obtain information directly from the on-site staff on a daily basis. Extensive quality audits ensure unrivaled accuracy.
"Smart is my third data provider for the apartment industry. I have found a home!"
Drew Verdecchia
Partner at Can You Imagine
Innovative software designed to help you make data driven business decisions.
"We love the user friendliness of Smart, it is definitely a business partner, not just a service."
Candice Durkin
Office Director
With over 300 integrations Smart can connect and empower all your in house apps like CRM, database and more.
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"Smart is an excellent tool to research properties, management groups and contacts. It is very accurate."
Kristen Guise
Senior Account Manager


What is Smart?

Smart is a real estate data provider designed for the apartment rental industry. As an apartment data collector, Smart offers extensive suite of reports for rent analysis, rent estimates, market surveys and more.

Why use an apartment data service?

Accurate and reliable apartment data is the focus of everything we do at Smart.  Our trained researchers gather data on daily basis on hundreds of data points. The depth and breath of multifamily data is guaranteed to be unmatched.

I’m a Supplier/Vendor. How can Smart help?

With Smart you’ll have access to every management company in the apartment industry, their associated properties and personnel including detailed contact information across 10 departments and decision-making roles.  Our data is continuously researched by humans, not robots so the level of accuracy is high.  

Who uses Smart?

Apartment managers, apartment building owners, management companies, apartment managers and data analysts.

I'm an apartment locator. How can Smart help?

As a real estate agent our apartment locating software makes it easy to see the latest commissions, availabilities occupancies and rents. Quickly find properties that match your client's criteria and email professional apartment reports to clients.

I'm an Analyst. How can Smart help?

We’ve created an array of tools to help you analyze and study apartment tends across individual apartments, neighborhoods, submarkets, and larger geographic areas. Smart gives you access to more than a decade of historical information, and a suite of reports to work with.

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