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"Thank you Smart Data for your wonderful service – it has been greatly appreciated and I sing your praises for the accuracy of the data, the easy button for marketing campaigns and I love the ability to customize my reports by management companies, regional managers, amenities etc…It’s been great working with you guys and thank you for making me look even SMARTER than I am!"

Susan O'Brien Garner, CAS
On Point Promotional Team

"I have used Smart Apartment Data for almost 8 years. During this time, I have grown to love the product. From inside to outside, it’s data is quality and up to date. The Analyst portal is an excellent tool for any owners, executives, or senior leaders wanting to keep up to date information about the submarket. I would highly recommend the product to anyone looking to have hands-on accurate data."

Chad Christian, CAM, CAPS
Regional Manager, Operations
Avenue 5

"Motili relies on accurate property data for marketing and sales initiatives. Smart Apartment Data’s ability to provide very specific, detailed, up-to-date information on the property and portfolio level is unparalleled. The quality of the database is very high, and frequent market updates keep our pipeline full. We have also been very pleased with Smart's exceptional, responsive account support team."

Kirill Kniazev
Marketing Director

What customers are saying

"Smart Apartment Data supplies our company with quick and convenient access to detailed property information.  This is a huge benefit not only for our internal staff but also for the staff members we place at communities. Our staff members are knowledgeable about the community before they begin their position.   The ability to view properties in all markets managed by a particular company and being able to drill down in to each Regionals portfolio is key to our sales process.  I would highly recommend Smart Apartment Data and do on a regular basis."

John Cullens
CXC Talent Solutions

"I’m so happy to be able to have a program such as Smart Apartment Data. I use them as an in depth market support system on an extremely consistent basis. Their accurate and timely updates are a saving grace in so many situations. The reports show accurate data that isn’t easily obtained from other processes. Smart Apartment Data’s Market Report, Submarket Trends and New Construction reports make due diligence competitor identification a breeze and help to easily procure true, valuable information. This program is such a timesaver for our onsite and executive teams! "

Melody King
Area Vice President
BH Management

"Associates at Smart Apartment Data provide excellent customer service and are very quick to respond. Adding new communities to the program is simple and virtually effortless. With the program that we are on, I am particularly impressed with the accuracy of the monthly market survey data and the overall design, aesthetics, and flexibility of the reports; I am able to dissect and use the data I need for presentations to owners and investors. I am also a fan of being able to customize market reports, build surveys, and more and from a user experience, their site is easy and straight forward. I’m a happy camper with this product and people!"

Susan Goff
Director of Brand Management
Highmark Residential

"After evaluating multiple apartment data services, we decided to move forward with Smart due to the timeliness and accuracy of the rental information and easy to use platform. The service is now an integral part of both our acquisition and ongoing asset management process."

Keith Guerraz
Founder, Managing Partner
Rockport Equity

"I love using Smart Apartment Data for my daily business needs. Smart provides us with the information we need to know and understand our market trends and occupancies at the click of a button. I rely heavily on this information to share with our owner and asset managers. "

Cheree Allee, CAPS
Vice President of Operations
Foresight Asset Management LLC

"Smart Apartment Data is a mission critical tool for our company.  Our team relies on it every day for up-to-date, accurate, and actionable information.  I highly recommend it to anyone who works in the multi-family industry. "

Jon Polenz
Business Owner

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