The Ultimate Apartment Locator Software

Effortlessly manage your locating business with ease with Smart Locating, the premier real estate companion. Our all-in-one software provides access to updated property data, enabling you to search, share, and convert more leads with ease.

All-in-One System for the Latest In-depth Apartment Information

Smart gives you access to every apartment community. Our trained professionals update the database with the latest commissions, specials, rents, and everything your clients need.

Locate the Latest Pricing and Floor Plans

Effortlessly search for apartments including floor plans, square footage, amenities, and rental amounts.

Send Property Reports

Email your client a list of the properties and receive notifications of the properties they love.

Help Your Clients Get the Amenities They Need

Quickly identify move-in specials and high-value amenities that are important to clients, such as stainless steel appliances, granite countertops, dog walking trails, and golf courses.

All-in-One System
Earn Commissions Faster with Smart

Earn Commissions Faster with Smart

Explore the properties that pay the highest commission rates while providing professional assistance to your clients.

Verify Leases

A built-in feature that helps you verify the commission before sending your invoice.

Browse Agent Reviews

With access to thousands of reviews from fellow agents, you’ll have an inside look into how quickly properties pay, and their overall experience with the staff.

Protect Your Commission

Register your clients with any property that requires registration.

The System You Always Wished You Could Have

At no extra cost, you’ll have an invoicing system, a lease verification tool, a lead generator, and the ability to share data with other agents.

Generate More Leads

Smart Lead Generator is an email marketing system that can automatically stay in touch with all of your past clients, promoting your services continuously.

Integrated Accounting Tools

Create Invoices. Submit them to the property or to your accounting department. Track your outstanding balance in one place.

Add an Apartment Search for Your Site

Create a customizable apartment search engine that you can embed into your website to generate leads.

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Near me Mobile

Smart Mobile App

Use the Smart mobile app when you're in the field to get proximity information, nearby management offices, and newly built properties

Look for a Property Location

Search for nearby properties and draw your desired location on the map.

Create a Driving Route

Generate driving directions to multiple properties.

Receive Email Notifications

Be alerted when certain events take place such as management or ownership changes.

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