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When a market leader is looking for a data provider, accuracy and reliability are the key deciding factors. Finding a complete solution proves to be a challenging endeavor. Smart is the clear choice.
"Smart provides us with the information we need to know and understand our market trends and occupancies at the click of a button"
Cheree Allee
Benefits of Smart for Analysts

Analyze any market, submarket or property with a few clicks.


Intuitive wizards help you setup reports in seconds. No special training needed.


Records  are date stamped and sources cited. You don't have to wonder.

Why Smart?
Fast Analytics

Choose from our many templates to create professional reports in seconds. ‍


With over 100 filter options you can sharpen your analysis to high accuracy.


‍Setup alerts and get notified when important data changes.


Your reports are automatically branded with your name and company logo.

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